Hello, and welcome to the second (and final) episode in a short series of bonus pods we recorded about Neil Gaiman's Fortunately, The Milk. 

You may be wondering why this isn't episode 9, and there's a good reason why it isn't: a little over a month ago, the hard drive containing all of our episode audio for 1-9 dropped approximately 8 inches onto a wooden floor and broke beyond a reasonably priced repair. 

Our original recording of episode 9 is now stuck behind a very expensive paywall, and we had to re-record it. This means we also have to edit the new recording, which takes time. But we still wanted to give y'all something to listen to while we are catching back up.

We ran a twitter poll to see what our bonus episodes should be about, and Fortunately, The Milk won! It's a delightful book, and allows us to have a bit of a palette cleanser between the sad events of our last few episodes and the month and a half's worth of episodes that will cover Kvothe's time in Tarbean.

This is a two part series, and episode 9 will release next week on February 25th, 2020 (or the 22nd if you're signed up for early access at Patreon.com/waystonepod). 

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